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Red Raider Gridiron: Texas Tech Commit D'Vonta Hinton says "one monkey don’t stop no show"

We're a day removed from Jarrett Stidham de-committing (or not fully committing) and we check in on some of the other players' reactions.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

All Is Okay. No really, it appears that everything is just fine, all of the players that have committed to Texas Tech (but not yet fully committed) appear to be in good shape, most acknowledging that they didn't commit to Texas Tech because of one particular player. I think this is standard, most players sort of rally around a player, but then I'm guessing that other players realize that players can be transient, they transfer and although the hope is to play together forever, it's not realistic and you have to have a reason other than wanting to play with a particular player to commit to a college program. I'd link to all of those tweets, but I don't follow players and/or recruits.  Go ahead and post twitter tweets into the comments and we'll hivemind all of this.

One Monkey Don't Stop No Show. I pretty much love this and if you'll all do me a favor and click on this link from Raider Power where they talk with a couple of Texas Tech commits, who all say that they are committed to the 2015 class, including a spectacular quote from linebacker commit D'Vonta Hinton:

"It was a bit of a letdown being this close to signing day, but one monkey don't stop no show," linebacker commit from Texas City D'Vonta Hinton said.

Hinton also caught up with Fehoko and the sentiment was that perhaps "it wasn't a good fit for him (Stidham)." Hinton followed up with Fehoko saying that he was, "Texas Tech all the way."

That's a 5-star quote there D'Vonta. High five!  Also quoted is WR Jonathan Giles so go check it out.

Looming Decision on DC. We've somewhat been distracted, but Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury will most likely be deciding on a defensive coordinator relatively soon.  If you've been concerned about timing, don't worry.  Up until today, it has been all about recruiting and starting today, there is a dead period with only phone call sort of contact, so I'd imagine that the defensive coordinator search heats up a bit more.  In any event, according to ESPN's Ivan Maisel notes that there are a handful of offensive minded head coaches looking for defensive coordinators:

3. The Will Muschamp Defensive Coordinator Lottery ended late Friday night with Auburn holding the winning ticket. The high-profile schools looking for defensive coordinators -- Texas A&M, South Carolina, Texas Tech, Auburn -- have a common trait: head coaches hired for their prowess on offense. The good news for their defensive coordinators is that they run their own ship. The bad news is that -- human nature calling -- the offensive head coaches usually keep the best players on their side of the ball. It will be interesting to see how fast Muschamp gets better players and more of them.

VJ Reads VTM. Lucky for us over here at VTM, we're becoming more worldwide than we've ever been, including being tweeted from VJ Fehoko, who wishes us all a happy Sunday:

Miscellaneous. Tyron Johnson's Easton club lost to Courtney Wallace's Neville club in the state championship on Saturday, 28-27 . . . for those of you that are keeping track, Johnson's top three is Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and LSU . . .