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Open Thread: Happy Thanksgiving!

Let's do this.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Good morning everyone.  I'm taking the day off and I'll be back tomorrow, but I wanted to wish each and every one of you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! Count your blessings, love the ones you are with and think good thoughts about the ones who can't be with you.

A special shoutout to my child half-way across the world who is waiting to come home. I love you.

You've got two college games today:

LSU at Texas A&M 6:30 pm ESPN / WatchESPN / espn3 skycam
TCU at Texas 6:30 pm FS1 / FOX Sports GO

And three NFL games:

Bears at Lions 11:30 on CBS
Eagles at Cowboys 3:30 on FOX
Seahawks at 49ers 7:30 on NBC