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Who Are the Coaches Recruiting?

With National Signing Day just around the corner, let's take a look at what coaches are recruiting which players.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things that I like to do at the end of the recruiting cycle is to take a look at which coaches were assigned which players in regards to recruiting on the Rivals site.  First things first.  In no way shape or form do I consider this to be an exhaustive list.  It's not complete. It doesn't list every player committed and obviously, a ton of coaches have a hand in each player's recruiting process.  It is usually not just one coach.  And the add to the idea that Lee Hays isn't credited with a commit according to Rivals, which you know that he had a hand in recruiting most, if not all of them.  And 24/7 Sports does this too, but I have some doubts about what they're throwing out there as they don't even give credit to Smith for Fehoko and Chiaverini for Tony Brown.  I'd also add that Matt Brock, the grad assistant who is pretty much responsible for recruiting Darreon Jackson isn't listed at all.

And just for your reference, here is the coach profile for Haverty on Rivals and also for 24/7 Sports.  24/7 Sports lists quite a few more targets, but you just have to manually search for each coach, while Rivals provides a nice and handy drop-down menu.

So maybe just look at these tables as indicators, but not absolutes.


Coach Players
Eric Morris Madison Akamnonu Trace Ellison Furquan Shorts Carlos Strickland
Darrin Chiaverini Tony Brown
Mike Jinks Corey Dauphine Trace Ellison Jonathan Giles Lonzell Gilmore Furquan Shorts Terrence Steele Christian Taylor
Trey Haverty Conner Dyer Christian Taylor Broderick Washington
Mike Smith Breiden Fehoko
Kevin Curtis Lonzell Gilmore D’Vonta Hinton Courtney Wallace, Jr.

24/7 Sports

Coach Players
Mike Jinks Christian Taylor Terrence Steele Corey Dauphine Jonathan Giles
Kevin Curtis Lonzell Gilmore Courtney Wallace D’Vonta Hinton
Eric Morris Quan Shorts Carlos Strickland Madison Akamnonu Jonathan Giles
Trey Haverty Broderick Washington Conner Dyer
John Scott, Jr. Lonzell Gilmore Courtney Wallace

Depending on what service you want to trust, it's pretty clear that the best recruiters are Morris, Jinks and Curtis.  Jinks is pretty much hitting it out of the part in terms of production at running back and being a terrific recruiter.  Haverty is certainly pretty good too.  If nothing else, this is interesting to note which coaches are the primary recruiters.  And as stated above, it just cannot be true that Hays isn't involved at all in recruiting and the same thing for Smith, but it also wouldn't surprise me to see that they aren't as involved as these other guys.