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Monday Morning Links on VTM | Defensive Backfield Discussion; New Braunfels Football Camp Update; Spike at Cal with Sonny

Good discussion on the defensive backfield. Updates on the New Braunfels football camp and newest commit Robert Castaneda. Spike visits son Sonny in Cal.

Chris De Aboitiz rides a wave with his surf dog during the Surfing Dog Spectacular on March 12, 2012 at Noosa beach in Queensland, Australia.
Chris De Aboitiz rides a wave with his surf dog during the Surfing Dog Spectacular on March 12, 2012 at Noosa beach in Queensland, Australia.

1. Defensive Backs Discussion | I've written all of my positional previews and I sorta came to the same conclusion that the LAJ came to over the weekend, which is that three of the four spots in the defensive backfield are probably okay, but let's see what the reinforcements bring to the bunch. Those three spots are FS Tre' Porter, SS J.J. Gaines and CB Bruce Jones. I'm very comfortable with Gaines and Porter at the safety spot and I'm also very comfortable knowing that Trey Haverty and Kevin Curtis are running the show in the secondary. I always sort of thought that the defensive backs or cornerbacks spot was the forgotten spot of Tuberville until he hired John Lovett. Haverty is waiting to see what Jalen Barnes and Dorian Crawford bring this summer:

"Jalen, you see him on film, but it’s hard to evaluate," Haverty said. "DBs are sometimes hard because you can’t necessarily see how good their feet are in man coverage.

"And the same deal with Dorian. He had a lot of film where he’s pressing, so it’s hard to be able to tell: Can he get a guy running at him full speed at 12 yards depth and be able to flip his hips? Those are the things we need to evaluate in fall camp."

I had thought that Crawford was going to be a cornerback and Martin Hill was going to be at safety, but it seems as that may have been flipped.

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury has good things to say about CB Bruce Jones:

"Bruce is a guy who I thought made a bunch of plays," Kingsbury said. "He’s an older guy, so he’s played and he’s savvy. He’ll sit on routes and take gambles, which I like. He’s not the biggest guy, but he’s scrappy. He’ll stick his nose in the run game."

And Curtis opines on current starter alongside Jones at cornerback, Ola Falemi:

"Not knowing much about guys, we kind of started him third on the depth chart," Curtis said, "and it ended up that he was on the first team. He kept getting better. He can run. He’s still learning the position and learning how to give himself the best chance, but he’s a guy that made some plays throughout the spring. He’s a guy that you feel like you’re starting to trust."

2. Texas Tech Commits in New Braunfels | The LAJ has the story on some of the current Texas Tech commits being at the New Braunfels camp, including RB Justin Stockton and OL Deionte Noel, who were at the camp with along with newest commit, OL Robert Castaneda. There are some quotes from Stockton there and also some notes from the Cy Ridge and Manvel camps. You can read more about Castaneda in this LAJ article as well as VTM's profile, which is way cooler.

The Texas Tech camp is set to begin today and I think that there are a handful of players that will be in attendance over the next few days.

3. Spike Dykes in Cal Gear? From California Golden Blogs, you can check out a short video on Spike Dykes visiting his son Sonny Dykes in Cal. It's always strange to see coaches wearing another team's gear for the first time.

4. #6 on Critical 20 | RP continues with their series and at #6 on their Critical 20 is WR Eric Ward.

5. Roundtable, Biggest Surprises and Disappointments | RRS does a roundtable with their writers about who they think will be the biggest surprises and biggest disappointments.