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Thursday Morning Links on VTM | RIP Coach Stiles; Kingsbury Q&A; Flora Adds Transfer

Rest in peace, Coach Jess Stiles. Kingsbury to do Q&A. Jones video board update. Flora adds transfer. Four track and field to compete at USA Championships.

A surfer jumps off a wave at sunset at Bronte Beach on April 24, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.
A surfer jumps off a wave at sunset at Bronte Beach on April 24, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.
Ryan Pierse

1. RIP Coach Jess Stiles | Long time Red Raider and supporter, coach Jess Stiles, passed away yesterday. The official site has just a beautiful video, including comments from Tommy McVay, Gerald Myers, and Kliff Kingsbury. I think McVay was getting choked up and I think that should mean something to you as he said he lost a best friend. It seems like a lot of people are saying that as Tommy Tuberville, Tommy Mainord and Neal Brown all gave their condolences yesterday. That's the type of person that has made a difference on a number of peoples' lives. Tuberville even released a statement through Cincinnati and I think that should mean something to you too because I think Stiles was friends with every Red Raider.

My biggest regret is that I didn't know about Coach Stiles and after hearing people talk about him, I wish I did. If there are other people like Coach Stiles, I hope the athletic department talks to them and gets their story down on video or recorded because people that make that type of impact should be remembered in perpetuity. The video said that it was Stiles that raised the money to build the bubble and he was in that role of fundraiser for the latter part of his career.

"I knew in my heart I was coming back to Texas Tech. I never wanted to leave Texas Tech because it is my home." -Coach Jess Stiles

That pullquote is meaningful to me because I feel the same way. I can't wait for the day that I get to move back to Lubbock and be in and around Texas Tech because I miss it. Stiles was an assistant coach for Texas Tech for a number of years, then coached a few years at Texas A&M, before coming back home. The LAJ's Don Williams has a touching article too that you should read. Stiles was still out at practices this spring and said this last August:

"I just want everybody to live up to what they’re supposed to be," Stiles said in August. "That’s all I wanted from my players: Be the best you can be and you always win the game, no matter what the score is. You’ve got to be the best you can be all your life, and then life is worth living."

Condolences to the family.

2. Coaches-to-Coaches Mailbag | FootballScoop is doing a Q&A with various head coaches and the first coach that has agreed to answer questions is Kliff Kingsbury. Go ask some questions!

3. Jones AT&T Video Board Update | Totally Texas Tech is documenting the video board as it goes up incredibly quickly. Also, RRS spoke to Michael Molina, who is the vice chancellor in charge or the video board. The athletic department should have a movie night once the thing gets done and invite folks out to sit on the field and watch a movie on that sucker.

4. Flora Adds Transfer | Welcome to Ole Miss transfer Lauren Douglass who has joined coach Don Flora and the volleyball team.

5. Four Red Raiders to Compete at USA Championships | Congrats to Katie Grimes, Cierra White, Nick Rivera and Kole Weldon for being invited to compete at the USA Championships.

6. Key Red Raider, Kerry Hyder | RRS is doing their Key Red Raiders and up next is #9, DT Kerry Hyder.

7. NCAA Things | Today is set to be a significant day in the Ed O'Bannon case as it is possible that the plaintiffs in this case could be certified as a class. SB Nation explains why this is so important. Also, the NY Times and LA Times have filed to unseal the NCAA vs. McNair case and I think that's a good thing.

8. SB Nation All-American Team | SB Nation writers voted on their All-American team. I mentioned this over the weekend, but I'll mention it here. If anyone is interested in writing on a national perspective including voting in the SB Nation Blog Poll, I'd love to hear from you (doubletnation AT gmail DOT com). I haven't voted in the Blog Poll in a number of years because I don't watch enough football to vote. I could fake it, but that seemed to be the direct opposite of what the Blog Poll was intended to be, which is more informed people voting.

9. TCU Preview | SB Nation's Bill Connelly takes a look at the Horned Frogs and he thinks they'll be good.

10. Football Preseason Accolades | The official site is going to keep track of all of the preseason accolades. Also, at the Big 12 Media Days WR Eric Ward, DT Kerry Hyder and RB Kenny Williams will represent Texas Tech in Dallas on July 22nd.