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Tuesday Morning Links on VTM | Madison Still Committed; Keown to S. Carolina; Hocutt's Hires

The NCAA is a mess and president Mark Emmert doesn't even know that a committee exists. It is June and bowl projections are out. Commit CB Tevin Madison continues to be committed. The DMN on Hocutt's four major hires. Keown is hired by S. Carolina.

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Charlie Crowhurst

1. NCAA Committee of Athletic Directors | So yesterday, NCAA President Mark Emmert spoke to the Wall Street Journal and talked about last week's Sports Illustrated article about how the investigation arm of the NCAA has been neutered a bit because so many investigators have left. He proclaims that he's going to form a council or committee of athletic directors so give input. Thanks to the Bylaw Blog, we find out that this committee already exists and that's the problem with Emmert. He has no idea. I try to be careful what I consume as far as the media, but there are a lot more articles about how Emmert is just not a very good leader and he doesn't know what he has. The other thing that I thought of was if you could deconstruct the NCAA from the ground-up, where would you start?

2. Big 12 Previews | SB Nation's Billy Connelly takes a look at the Kansas St. Wildcats and USA Today's Paul Meyerberg thinks that the Iowa St. Cyclones are the #87 team in the nation.

3. It is June and Texas Tech is Projected to a Bowl | SB Nation's Jason Kirk projects 34 bowl games and Texas Tech is projected to play Northwestern in the Texas Bowl in Houston (again).

4. Nellis Welcomed to Texas Tech | The official official site had a welcome video to Duane Nellis, Texas Tech's new President, as his first day was yesterday.

5. Madison Continues to be Committed | talks with commit CB Tevin Madison, who still very much likes Texas Tech.

6. Ubben Loathes You | ESPN's David Ubben writes about the player that has plenty to prove, TE Jace Amaro, and he also inquires as to Texas Tech's most important game.

7. Hocutt's Major Hires | DMN's Chuck Carlton writes about athletic director Kirby Hocutt's hires of four coaches in the four major programs. I think we talked about this week, but I don't think Hocutt's underlying theme was hiring alumni, but continuity and stability.

8. Keown Hired by S. Carolina | LAJ's Landon Wright notes that graduate assistant Justin Keown is headed home to S. Carolina for a similar position. Good for Keown. He says that Chris Thomsen greatly influenced him as his mentor and was also obviously influenced by Mike Leach and Neal Brown. That's a lot of good coaches.