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Red Raider Hoops | Shavon Coleman and Josh Gray are Recruiting Texas Tech Targets

This story has nothing to do with Jaye Crockett.  Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE
This story has nothing to do with Jaye Crockett. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

I wanted to highlight a couple of basketball recruiting notes and recruiting. I was listening to "Ask Level" segment on Double-T 104.3 (I would link to the segment, but they don't archive them) and he did confirm that SG Michael Carey might have trouble qualifying academically, and you hate to hear that, but on the other hand, that does sound like SF/PF Wannah Bail will qualify.

I FanShoted the other day that Howard JC Shavon Coleman (6-6/200) is down to three schools, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and LSU. Coleman mentions that LSU really isn't in the mix because they don't have a coach, but LSU did just hire UNT's Johnny Jones, so perhaps Coleman's mind will change. Coleman's head coach at Howard JC is Mark Adams, who is the father of Luke Adams, the current Texas Tech walk-on, so that's a positive. Adams talks a bit about what Coleman has to offer:

"He puts the ball on the on floor and finishes better, and his 3-point shot has improved a lot. He’s very good on the offensive glass because of how explosive he is. And he plays defense much better than when he got here. He anticipates really well and he has long arms so defense comes naturally to him. He likes to get in the passing lanes and contest shots."

And Coleman knows that he can contribute immediately at Texas Tech:

"Texas Tech has been recruiting me for a very long time. I could go there and be a big-time player, the main guy they can build around."

Coleman is a swing forward and shooting guard that averaged about 14 PPG and 6 RPG for Howard while shooting about 44% from the floor. Not bad and there is no doubt that Texas Tech could use Coleman's services.

One other thing that I picked up on Twitter yesterday was that PG Josh Gray (6-1/170) from Wheatley in Houston is looking for a school as he de-comitted from Mississippi St. back in October and Texas Tech, along with Kansas St. and Virginia Tech were all going to visit with Gray this weekend (hat-tip to @Reggie Rankin and @TheRecruitScoop). Gray averaged almost 24 PPG and 6 APG this year and is generally regarded as a 3-star player. Gillispie isn't giving up yet and if he can get more players, then he's going to do it.

One other thing that I wanted to address and I only have a very loose understanding of this, but the APR, which is the grade given out by the NCAA to determine if a school is doing the academic work necessary is dependent on whether or not a player leaves the school in good standing. In other words, I do not think that Texas Tech's APR score will be negatively affected with the players potentially leaving so long as the players have good grades.