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An In Depth Look At Coach Beard's First Recruit

Here is the full story on the men's basketball newest player.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This past week Coach Beard landed his first recruit Niem Stevenson. This was impressive by Beard on several fronts, but mainly because he was able to hold onto a recruit Texas Tech had been working on. Stevenson, a shooting guard, very well could be inserted into the starting rotation from day one. As great a season as Texas Tech had last year they were missing a go to scorer. Beard may have found the solution by adding Stevenson to the roster and his scoring ability will be welcomed.

Stevenson was a two time NJCAA all american at Seward County Community College in Liberal, Kansas. He was recruited heavily and actually had visits scheduled to other schools, but cancelled them and signed with Tech.

Here are Niem Stevenson's 2016 stats:

PPG 24.7
RPG 6.9
SPG 1.6
FT % 67.5
3 PT % 36.7

Overall his numbers were fantastic except in one category. I was surprised to see he only shot 67 percent at the free throw line. Obviously this will have to improve before Big 12 play begins and will be something to watch as the season progresses next year. It will be hard to leave him on the floor late in tight games if he is a liability at the charity stripe. If you are interested in more of his junior college stats they can be viewed here at the Seward Saints website.

Also here are some highlight videos from his time in junior college. The biggest takeaway from watching these videos was that he in no way relies on jump shots to get his points. He scores by being out in front during fast breaks, driving the ball, and even works the post to get the ball.

Check out the link below if you want to hear Seward CC Assistant Coach Patrick Nee being interviewed and giving some really detailed analysis on the play of Stevenson. The interview was conducted by Brain Holland of KAMC in Lubbock.

Stevenson is going to be a great addition to the roster and will help Beard keep the men's basketball program on the right track. Welcome to Texas Tech Niem Stevenson!