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Texas Tech Stadium Renovation Update (PICTURES)

Wondering how the renovations are going? Here's a few shots.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In 2014, Texas Tech announced a huge stadium renovation to Jones AT&T Stadium. The total cost of the renovations totals around 185 million dollars, and will add new things to the Jones like club seating, more suites, and a hall of fame for the heroes of Texas Tech Football.

In yet another edition to the "Kirby Hocutt Is The Best Athletic Director In The Nation" biography, these renovations are not merely happening to the football stadium, there are more than 25 renovations outlined in the plan that span from updates to the soccer complex to a new indoor track facility.

Twitter user @TTU_Red has documented these renovations in pictures for those of y'all that haven't seen them yet. He keeps a blog that is updated with pictures of the campus and various other happenings around the Texas Tech campus. I highly advise y'all to check it out. Here are some of the pictures he posted on Twitter. These are from April, so this isn't cutting-edge breaking news, but I figure y'all will enjoy them anyways.