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Tubby Smith's House is For Sale for $1.5 Million

With Tubby headed for Memphis, his Lubbock home is now for sale

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently there isn’t much truth to the joke that “Tubby [Smith] rents”. His house in Lubbock was posted on the real estate website “Zillow” today (check it out here), as shared by a user on Reddit. A few thoughts:

First, yes, this is really Tubby Smith’s house. I verified that through the Lubbock County Appraisal District. This address belongs to Orlando and Donna P Smith (Orlando is Tubby’s real name, Donna is his wife).

Second, nice freaking pad! Jacuzzi style bathtub, putting green in the backyard, swimming pool, spiral staircase; The Smith’s were living large. If I were him I would have stayed at Texas Tech just to avoid leaving this house. At the very least, keep it as a summer home and spend the offseason in Lubbock.

Third, Tubby appears to be severely over charging. He bought the house for less than $800,000 in 2013 and is trying to sell it for $1.5 million now, despite the Lubbock County Appraisal District valuing the house at $792,742. Maybe he jacked up the price so Chris Beard wouldn’t move in to his house in addition to taking over the NCAA tournament basketball team Tubby is leaving behind.

Anyway, if MTV (or VTM for that matter) ever wanted to do a Texas Tech and/or Lubbock version of “Cribs”, they should hit up Tubby Smith before this thing sells. And if any of my millionaire friends want to buy the house, I’ll rent out a room in exchange for keeping the pool clean.