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Recruiting on the High Plains | SF Terran Petteway, PF Hershey Robinson and PF Jordan Tolbert


I'm extremely late in terms of basketball recruiting.  That's what happens when football season is so much fun.  Head coach Pat Knight received his second, third and fourth commitments for the 2011 class in SF Terran Petteway, PF Hershey Robinson and PF Jordan Tolbert.  I've struggled to find any film on any of these players and if I do find any, I'll update this profile.  Also, it seems that the recruiting profiles can be a real hit-or-miss proposition.  For example, Petteway appears to be a highly rated player, but doesn't doesn't have a grade with Scout.  Robinson doesn't have a Scout profile and Tolbert doesn't have an ESPN profile.

The Measurables:

Terran Petteway
Position: SF
DTN Profile
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile N/A
ESPN Profile 93 Grade
Ht: 6'5"
Wt: 200 lbs
High School: Ball (Galveston, TX)

Hershey Robinson
Position: PF
DTN Profile
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile N/A
ESPN Profile 40 Grade
Ht: 6'7"
Wt: 200 lbs
High School: Christian Life Center Academy (Humble, TX)

Jordan Tolbert
Position: PF
DTN Profile
Rivals Profile
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile 88
Ht: 6'7"
Wt: 210 lbs
High School: All Saints' Episcopal School (Ft. Worth, TX)

The Players Speak:  Let's take this player by player.

Terran Petteway | LAJ's Courtney Linehan confirmed the commitment, but not much else.  Last year, Petteway averaged 19.1 points a game for his Galveston Ball team.  Petteway is on an AAU basketball team, the Galveston Hornets and his father is the head coach. thinks that Petteway is the best wing from the Houston area in the 2011 class.  The Galveston County Daily News Evan Mohl talked with Petteway about his commitment:

"I knew if I wanted to play big-time college basketball, I had to work harder," Petteway said. "I knew I needed to get bigger. That’s what happened, and it worked out."

Petteway committed to the Red Raiders on his first official visit to any college. He said he connected with the school and wanted to get his future out of the way to focus on his senior year of high school basketball.

"I loved it there," Petteway said. "Coach Pat Knight was really cool, called me whenever he was allowed to. The team just seemed like a big family. And they play that up-tempo style that I love."

Hershey Robinson | LAJ's Courtney Linehan talks with Robinson, who is truly under-the-radar.  Robinson is going to the same prep school that current freshman guard Javarez (Bean) Willis played at last year:

Robinson is a 6-foot-7 athlete whose style on the court is much like Tech senior Brad Reese. That’s good for the Red Raiders, who will lose four big men — Reese, Mike Singletary, D’walyn Roberts and Theron Jenkins — after this season.

He says his defense and shooting are his biggest strengths.

Robinson is largely unknown on the college basketball circuit. He didn’t expect to qualify academically, so last year he enrolled at the Christian Life Center Academy in Humble to beef up his grades and his game. He wasn’t sure it would be enough, as he admits to being unfocused during his first three years of high school.

"I didn’t know if I could undo three years in two," Robinson said.

Linehan also points out that Robinson played with 6 eventual Div. I players last year, which might be why I can't find any stats on him.'s Eric Bossi says that Robinson was swayed by Willis being at Texas Tech:

"I’m really close friends with Bean (Willis), it made it a lot better for me," Robinson told "I won’t be going somewhere where I don’t know anybody. He’s a great player. Once I knew he was coming here, I didn’t really pay attention to anyone else that recruited me. I knew this was where I wanted to be. I can’t wait to play with him."

In 2009, Robinson was his district's 1-4A MVP in Louisiana (his original high school). 

Jordan TolbertDMN's Corbett Smith reports that Tolbert committed to Texas Tech last night.  According to MaxPreps, Tolbert averaged 16.9 points; 2.0 assists; 3.9 blocks; 10.1 rebounds; and 2.8 steals last year.  DFWBasketballNews has Tolbert as the 28th best player in the DFW area and Tolbert played on one of the top 5 AAU teams in the area and was one of the top three players on his AAU team

[Note by Seth C, 09/25/10 6:16 AM CDT ] UPDATE:  LAJ's Courtney Linehan talked with Tolbert and compared his game to that of current Red Raider, PF D`Walyn Roberts and believes he causes mismatches because he can play both inside and outside:

“That just makes you a more valuable player to your team,” Tolbert said. “If there’s somebody that’s smaller than you, you can have a mismatch and post them, but if there’s somebody the same height as you, you can score. You can score on any defender at any time.”

That's good and his favorite food is cheesecake.  I like cheesecake too.

Video:  I got nothing.

Scouting Report:  Same as above, I've got nothing since I can't watch them play.  Petteway's ESPN profile does give a fairly detailed scouting report, but I've got nothing.

Terran, Hershey and Jordan, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

The 2011 Class:  Maybe this weekend.