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VTM (Breakfast) Drinking Game

Viva the Matador's spin off of a drinking game to be played during Tech's first game of the NCAA tournament. Because someone told me it's bad to drink before noon.

David Silverman/Getty Images

Brace yourselves because I came up with a completely revolutionary idea in the history of ideas, you're welcome America. We're going to do a drinking game! Except instead of drinking alcohol before noon on a Thursday we'll eat breakfast. Some of you adults will frown on me eating breakfast at 11:40 but I'm getting up at 11 so mind your own business and don't judge me.

The rules of the game will be outlined here but all you really need is a cup of joe, orange juice, eggs, pancakes/waffles (dealer's choice), and bacon. I'm unsure if IHOP has tv's for game watching and it's highly unlikely that Waffle House has cable. Bottom line is if you have a semi-normal job just fix your breakfast at home and bring it to wherever you decide to watch the game.

Take a drink of OJ if:

  • Announcers mention the Toddfather's two masters degrees
  • Zach Smith makes a ridiculous alley oop dunk
  • Announcers mention Matthew Temple is a walkon/fraternity/youknowthedeal

Eat a raw egg if:

  • Aaron Ross hits a 3 from NBA range in the last 3 minutes of a close game
  • Keenan Evans breaks ankles with a sick dribble move
  • Justin Gray grabs an offensive rebound


  • Jordan Jackson dunks
  • Rokas Ulvydas plays

Take a shot of syrup if:

  • Keenan Evans banks a 3 from Steph Curry range
  • Devaugntah Williams hits a ridiculous contested layup
  • Any Tech player hits a buzzer beater

Eat bacon if:

  • You're a person.

There you have it folks, history has been made! I will partake in this event and I sincerely hope y'all will join me in a few hours when we try out this exciting new experiment. Fill up your coffee pots and prepare your breakfasts, for at 11:40 we forge our in the history books as the great innovators of our time.