Double T Nation Bowl Pick'em!

It's that time of year again, and I don't know about you, but for me nothing screams Christmas cheer louder than picking the winners of a series of money-driven exhibition games between college football teams of a certain quality. With that in mind, I have duly copied a great idea from our internet buddy hooper over at Rocky Top Talk, and created a little unofficial bowl pool for Double T Nation fans to provide a little distraction during this holiday season of peace and joy. Joining is easy and takes less than five minutes:

1) Head on over to and set up an account. It would help if you were to use the same nickname you use here.

2) Join my pool, entitled "Unofficial Double T Nation Bowl Pick'em".

3) Make your picks at your leisure. Picks for bowl games before midnight, December 26 are due prior to each game's kickoff. The rest of your bowl picks will be due by the midnight, Boxing Day deadline.

4) This isn't a straight up-or-down pool, members will be picking against the spread- this may end up making some of the garbage bowls a bit of a wash, but ought to provide some interesting results on big match-ups. In the event of a tie-breaker, the member who comes closest to successfully picking the MNC game score wins.

4) As commish, I vow to keep all pool members abreast of relevant information, including pick deadlines, standings, epic fails, etc. Spending the holidays behaving myself at the residence of my lovely fiancee's very Baptist grandparents more or less guarantees that time I would normally spend having fun can be redirected toward administrative efforts.

5) Your first assignment: The EagleBank Bowl, featuring Navy and Wake Forest, which kicks off at 11 AM Eastern on Saturday, December 20th. Good luck with that.

Feedback and questions are, of course, welcome.

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