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Cotton Club Crew #2: Big 12 play begins

With Big 12 play starting for Tech, Jack gives you some power rankings on the diamond.

It is a huge weekend for Tech athletics. Huge doesn’t really sell it, maybe gigantic? Not sure that is big enough either. Whatever the word, it will be a wild ride this weekend.

Earlier in the weekend we touched on the NIT, baseball and softball traveling to Austin, and the basketball coaching hire. So tonight, we took a different approach. With Tech joining the Big 12 fray this weekend against Texas, our guy Jack took it upon himself to solo give you all the first Big 12 power rankings for baseball.

Who are the real threats in the conference for Texas Tech? Anybody outside of the big three (TTU, TCU, OSU) a serious contender? And who rounds out the bottom?

Texas Tech failed in their quest last year to claim the Big 12 crown, who stands in their way this year? It all starts tomorrow in Austin. Stay tuned for additional content from jack this weekend!