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Take The Points: Oh so Sweet 16

Jack and Kendall are back to talk about the wild ride ahead.

Take the points is back talking all things March Madness. Jack and Kendall look at the ride that got us to the Sweet 16, including the biggest surprises. They also talk about the matchups, who to like, and who’s cinderella dream is about to end.

They also talk beyond the Sweet 16. What teams are real contenders, and which are just lucky to have made it this far. Who should you be buying in future bets, and who will only break your heart and your wallet.

With everyone’s bracket thoroughly busted, pick you new bandwagon team with the guys’ help! You don’t want to be immediately disappointed and see your new team go down, so be careful with your choice!

Don’t forget to check out their twitter page for a link to their youtube! And let the guys know your thoughts on the tournament, who is the sleeper left in the field?