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Cotton Club Crew Mailbag #1: March Madness

Chris is back with a March Madness mailbag!

This weekend was super crazy, so we did not get the usual post up fielding questions. So I created some that seemed to be the most likely to be asked, and had our guy Chris answer them! But then, more disaster, as we had issues with the feed.

Thankfully, the FFSN team has worked very hard and were able to quickly help us figure out what had happened. SO! While this is late, we are now fully supporting our new network. Awesomely, the new feed is the old feed so you all should still see our podcast in the exact same spot as before.

Enough of that, what can you expect today? Chris talks about the wild upsets that ruined everyone’s brackets, the Big 12’s tournament performance, how confident he is in the baseball team after the Oklahoma State series win, and closes out talking about what the WNIT means for the program.

Please note Chris recorded before the outcome of the WNIT game, so anything that sounds dated that is why!