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CCN Presents Taking the Points: March Madness Special

A brand new show just in time for the Madness of March.

We are back! Told you that would be a brief hiatus. Technical issues on the feeds have stopped our regular recording of the first episode of the Cotton Club Crew, but Jack and Kendall are happy to announce a new show of their own! Well, a new old show. New to us!

Cotton Club Crew officially presents our third show under the umbrella, Take the Points! Jack and Kendall will talk sports betting, and you can blame them for all your future losses.

This week, the guys on their inaugural network adventure talk about the bracket. You know what bracket, the only one everyone is filling out as we speak and dreaming of a perfect run and the upsets to come.

They walk through the best picks to help you win your bracket, and the potential upsets that will bust everyone else’s. Enjoy the new content, these guys will be back weekly with tons of content!