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Late Night Thoughts: March Madness for a Red Raider

How to process watching the Big Dance from home after years of sustained success.

William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it has been quite awhile since we have had this feeling.

March Madness is second only to the World Cup in the excitement it generates. The National Title and Super Bowl do not come close to the buzz, attention, and fun of the dance. 64 teams will compete in a single elimination tournament, and Cinderella is sure to appear. What is not to love?

Of course, for Texas Tech the fun is hampered by the feeling of disappointment of a high expectation year ending in disaster. A four game losing streak that sent Texas Tech home instead of to the tournament.

So how should you handle these feelings? Feelings that used to be quite common for Red Raiders but have now become distant memories.

First things first, fill out your bracket. That bracket is your ticket to engagement with the tournament. Yeah, in a vacuum it is fun and cool to watch some long shot make a run. But the real sense of competition from filling out a bracket, rooting for your picked upsets to win, is second to none.

Next, pick your Cinderella. Charleston caught your eye? Maybe you want Colgate to knock both the Longhorns and the Aggies. Or maybe you’re excited to see a really good VCU team make another run deep. Whoever you pick, lock in and make them your own.

For the record, there will be temptation to root for the Big 12. Don’t fall into that trap. Trust me, any joy you feel for the conference pride kick will be severely dampened when those same schools are flexing over it later. Root for them to lose, or just root for them when your backet needs it.

Lastly, sneak a few games at work. This is frankly the best part of March Madness, the feeling of joy from catching a quick 2PM tip game at the office. And even better, knowing everyone is doing the same thing.

This feeling sucks, and it one I hope fades back into distant memory. But don’t disconnect from the best sporting event this country has to offer. Enjoy the madness!