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Players: Spring Game Moved to Tomorrow at 3:30

Some changes have been made to the spring game scheduled for Saturday

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

According to QB Jett Duffey and RB Quinton White, the spring scrimmage has been moved from Saturday afternoon to tomorrow (Friday) at 3:30 due to concerns about the weather. It also appears it has been reclassified as an "open practice" instead of a formal spring game according to this release from Texas Tech. The location will remain at Jones AT&T Stadium.

This leads to questions regarding whether or not the game will still be televised, and likely decreases the attendance at the game significantly due to the scrimmage occurring during the standard work week. It also makes it less likely that people from out of town will be able to make the trip to Lubbock for the game.

If more details emerge, we will keep you updated.