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Louis Vasquez Is A Super Bowl Champion

The former TTU OL got himself a ring with the Broncos last night

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech has sent many quality offensive linemen to the NFL. Last night, one of those men played on the best team in the the best professional football league in the nation.

Louis Vasquez has been an integral part of the Broncos offensive line since he was traded to the Broncos from the Chargers in 2013. In college, Vasquez was awarded with either all-conference or all-american honors in three of the four years he played for the Red Raiders. Vasquez almost immediately found a home in Denver, making his way to the 2014 Pro Bowl after not allowing a sack in 2013. Regrettably, he couldn't attend due to the Bronco's appearance in the Super Bowl that year.

Watching a former Texas Tech standout play well in a Broncos victory was pretty cool. Outside of offensive line and small slot receivers, the Red Raiders don't send much to the NFL. Every other year teams like Ohio State and Alabama get to watch their former players win Super Bowls and be proud of them. Now it's our turn.

Wreck 'Em, Louis.