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Raider Read: 10/1

Updates on Mahomes health and other comments and links to start your homestretch to Saturday.

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Mahomes Health

Mahomes was limited in practice the last two days. Kingsbury had this to say on his status:

"I think he could miss practice time. What I'm worried about is it limiting his game. A big part of his game is being able to move around, extend plays, the quarterback run stuff. And even Saturday was having trouble stepping into some of his throws there at the end. So if he's not able to play up to his potential we'll rest him and go to the next one."

Jakeem Grant was asked if it would be different with Webb at QB:

"It wouldn't be different at all. We have chemistry with Davis. The offense has chemistry with him and the receivers have chemistry with him so it wouldn't be different at all. He's a great quarterback just as well as Pat, and they're both great quarterbacks so i feel like we can win any game with either one of those guys"

Advice to Davis Webb if he has to start vs Baylor:

Pre Game Hype for Baylor:

Then there's this: