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Ten Thoughts On The Outcome Of Texas Tech - Baylor

Musing on Texas Tech's 63-35 loss to Baylor today.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1. David Gibbs has us on the right track, but getting there is going to take longer than we thought

I don't know if we can point to the stat line as evidence of zero improvement on the defensive side of the ball. Yeah, we're giving up yards and points, but I still see improvement. We've tackled better at least. We still have a long way to go, but we're on the right track.

2. I really wish our WRs would stop dropping passes

Please don't do this anymore, it is unhealthy for my heart and our team. But...

3. I really like our true freshman WRs

Tony Brown and others played well today. It ultimately wasn't enough, but I admire the effort. After a couple of drops and poor routes, they definitely settled into their game and played well.

4. Penalties will be the death of any team

We have to stay far, far away. We shot ourselves in the foot so many freaking times that at this point I think we're out of bullets. We can't do that and expect to beat good teams.

5. DeAndre Washington is a man

He's an incredibly talented running back and team player who doesn't touch the ball near as much as he should. I don't care how many carries he has. He needs more.

6. Patrick Mahomes is a football version of Nightcrawler

I have no idea how he gets himself out of some of the situations he's in. He was blitzed relentlessly with average protection, and manages to escape nearly every time. It doesn't look like he's trying, either. Everything Patrick Mahomes does is unbelievably smooth and I love it.

7. This game sucks, but everyone's preseason predictions are intact

We went 1-2 through a chop shop of an early schedule, and were a freak tipped pass away from 2-1. That's still pretty good. This one hurts for different reasons than TCU, but this season is not even remotely close to over.

8. Either Corey Coleman or Josh Doctson is the best WR in football, and I can't decide which one is better

Seriously, both of them torched us. Both are insanely talented. How do you make this call?

9. While I liked seeing Davis Webb getting some playing time, it infuriates me that we gave the appearance of giving up on the game with 12 minutes left to play

Seriously. Davis Webb did a lot of great things for this University, but it really seemed like we were throwing in the towel there. Webb operated the offense well, but Patrick Mahomes is still our guy, and if he's healthy, I wish we would've let him finish the game.

10. Baylor let their foot off the gas

They could've easily scored a hundred on us, and they didn't. I don't think our defense is as bad as last years, I just think that Baylor's offense is better than last years.