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Texas Tech Monday Press Conference

Kingsbury and staff talk to the media after the TCU loss

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

A little bit different format this week, just to change it up. Certain quotes will be pulled and then my reaction to them. I may change it up from week to week.

There is a definite philosophy at work with this coaching staff beyond just the coach speak. You have Kingsbury who is non-committal on everything, Gibbs who is depressing beyond measure and Morris who his complimentary of everybody. It speaks to what they have decided they want the message to be to the team when the team hears quotes or thoughts from the media. But more on that later, let's get to the quotes and reactions from today's press conference.

Kliff Kingsbury

On Mahomes' Health: "Day to Day" Kingsbury wants to try to get Mahomes to move and it work it out this week. When asked what the actual diagnosis is on Mahomes, Kingsbury says he doesn't have a "scientific diagnosis". Which tells us that its probably a minor sprain or bruise that is restricting movement and is uncomfortable. Like most sprains, time is the only treatment and as long as he has range of motion he should be good. The risk though, is that joints are vulnerable to begin with and could lead to a more significant injury if injured again without being 100%.

On Ian Sadler: "Same. We'll see if he can move around today and take it day by day". I think Sadler was more of a bruise when you look at the film and it was right near the knee cap which probably tightened up on him immediately which is why he didn't get back in the game.

On Baylor: Usual coach speak from Kingsbury. Baylor averages 10 yards per play this year. 760 yards per game. Basically the entire Baylor offense is amazing. Art Briles is a Tech grad so I would hope so.

On Davis Webb: "We get him reps every week, but especially this week. So if we have to go in that direction, he'll be ready to go." Fan favorite aside, objectively Davis Webb is a very good quarterback. Tech fans should be thrilled to have Webb as the backup and not some walk-on who isn't up to speed. Great situation to be in if you have to be in the situation.

Notable other comments:

- There is a possibility of redshirting Dylan Cantrell

- Nigel Bethel may be back this week vs Baylor

Overall Reaction: Kingsbury seems to be in really good spirits. If that's any indication of how the team is doing there shouldn't be any letdown this week. Last year Kingsbury seemed to look kind of defeated as a coach. Like he was trying everything he could and the guys just aren't getting it. I've been there and it's tough when your team doesn't respond. But looks very relaxed.

David Gibbs:

On being at the presser: "I've got a lot of work to do, so have at it". Awesome. He wants to be preparing for Baylor as much as he can that he doesn't want to waste 10 minutes answering leading questions and questions that have been answered already.

On the defense: "I don't see guys freelancing. I see guys being held accountable by their coaches. Can't get here soon enough for me, but hopefully it will start translating to the field on Saturday." He talked about how they were in a cloud defense, which is a zone scheme with 3 or 4 rushers and how some people may want to zero blitz and make a big play, but all that does is speed up how quick they score and you get beat. Which is funny, because I wanted to see that in some spots and talked about it in the podcast.

On players wanting to make big hits across college football: "We didn't get close enough to anybody to get any big hits".

On Baylor's Receivers: "They are fast. They are an Olympic relay team. I thought TCU was fast. We're in trouble."

On Nelson's INT that wasn't: "If Justis catches a ball that is floating in his face... but that's football."

On D's depth: "There isn't a big enough difference between our 1st string and our 5th string."

On who is best Corner: "We don't have a best corner. We don't have a best safety. And I coach DB's. So that's on me."

Overall reaction: Gibbs could depress a hyena. I love it. He wants his defense to have a chip on their shoulder. He understands to build mentally tough players, he can't pat their butt all the time. So far I think it's a great philosophy. Not every player can deal with that, and that maybe why we haven't seen players we thought we would before the season. But you know he doesn't mean it, because in one minute he can seem like he puts down the team and in the next smiles and says "How are you" or "have a nice day". All an act for the defense's benefit.

Eric Morris

On DeAndre Washington's day: "DeAndre was a possessed man out there." Then you should have given him the ball on 3rd and 4 late in the game to seal it. Washington was telling the staff that he wanted the ball and to keep giving him the ball.

On WR rotation: "Need to keep Jakeem's (Grant) plays down. His game goes down after 60 snaps, with regards to how he grades out so we need to keep those guys rotating in." Very interesting in how they grade all the players out not just overall, but as the game goes. So they know when guys will go flat and become non-factors.

On Webb: "He's ready. He does an incredible job coming in every week and preparing like he did when he was the starter... We wouldn't blink an eye." Again, this is a great problem to have if you can get past the fan favorite and look objectively. If Mahomes can't go, I still think he have a chance to win.

Overall reaction: Good stuff and very positive on the offense. Still needs room for improvement, but the most balanced of the three in how they talk about the team to the media.