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Tech Loses Heartbreaker to TCU

Full Game Recap

Ryan Smith

Coming off a signature win over Arkansas on the road, the #3 ranked TCU Horned Frogs come to town. How did Tech respond after last week's win and last year's loss? Did TCU show that they are a Top 5 team or did they leave Lubbock with their first loss of the season? Let's find out?

1st Quarter:

Texas Tech, wearing red jerseys for the first time under Kingsbury, would receive to start the game, but be forced to punt after a would be 3rd down conversion was dropped by a wide open Jakeem Grant. TCU takes advantage and drives 80 yards in 8 plays putting TCU 7-0. Texas Tech would answer immediately with a DeAndre Washington TD run from 1 yard out tying up the game 7-7. On the ensuing drive, Tech would force a punt and get the ball back to the offense. A botched snap turns into a safety and gives TCU a 9-7 lead. It is the first sign that Tech may be stopping themselves.

After the safety, TCU drives the field, converting on 3rd and 7 at one point to keep the drive alive. The drive takes 10 lays, covers 64 yards and takes 3:48 off the clock, giving TCU a 16-7 lead.  Grant takes the ensuing kickoff past midfield to give Tech's offense the ball on the TCU side of the field. It wouldn't take long for Tech to respond with DeAndre Washington's 2nd TD of the game from 26 yards out. Tech gets back within a couple, 16-14.

End of 1st Qtr: Texas Tech 14.... TCU 16

2nd Quarter:

TCU driving, but from 1 yard to the line to gain, Tech forces two stops to hold TCU to a FG attempt. The kick is blocked by Pete Robertson and Texas Tech takes over on their own 37 yard line. After a roughing the passer penalty on a failed 3rd down conversion, Mahomes hits Grant for a 47 yard TD reception. Tech leads 21-16.

Tech forces a TCU to punt in Tech territory and looks to extend and separate from TCU. Tech goes 3 and out and Mahomes looks incredibly uncomfortable and isn't really able to get into his throws, unwilling to put weight on his left leg that he tweaked during a run earlier in the game. TCU starts on their own 40 and in two plays gets down inside the 25. Texas Tech holds and forces a 4th down. Justis Nelson had 2 opportunities for an interception but drops it. TCU converts their FG attempt to cut the lead to 21-19.

Texas Tech goes for it on 4th down, but can't convert on a 4th and 6 and TCU takes over on their own 37 yard line. On 3rd and long, Boykin throws it up for Doctson and brings it down for the TD giving TCU the lead 26-21. Texas Tech starts their drive featuring Washington as much as they can with Mahomes banged up. Washington takes it inside the red zone and no one on the TCU side of the ball looks like they can tackle him. Washington gets it down to the 4 and Tech is faces with a 4th and short and a gimpy Mahomes jogs it in on a quick snap. Texas Tech leads again 28-26.

With 3:26 remaining in the half, Tech has to get a stop with TCU receiving after halftime. TCU seems to be more than content to slowly work down the field and milking the clock. On a 3rd and 23, TCU finds the soft spot in the zone and TCU converts with 0:36 left on the Texas Tech 31. TCU gets the ball inside the 10 with 0:26 seconds left and Tech looks to hold on before halftime. On another 3rd down, Boykin hits Doctson for the TD and gives TCU the lead going into halftime.

Halftime: Texas Tech 28.... TCU 33

3rd Quarter:

TCU starts the 3rd quarter up tempo and looking to put the game away. After getting a quick first down, though, they slow it down and start working methodically down the field. TCU drives inside the 10 as the pass rush for Tech is consistently just a second late getting to Boykin. TCU has been converting on every 3rd down on this drive and face a 3rd and Goal from the 8 yard line. Tech holds and forces TCU to a FG attempt. TCU pushes the kick right and Texas Tech gets a huge stand. Score remains 33-28.

Texas Tech starts the next drive on their own 20. After a pass interference call, DeAndre Washington breaks a huge run down inside the TCU 19. On a big 3rd and 4, Mahomes completes a pass to true freshman Jonathan Giles for a 1st down. On a huge 3rd down and goal, TCU stuffs a broken play, but an unnecessary roughness call gives Tech new life and a 1st and goal from the 2.  DeAndre Washington scores his 3rd rushing touchdown of the day and retakes the lead, 35-33.

On the ensuing drive, TCU works their way into Tech territory, taking time off the clock and seemingly no one can cover Josh Doctson. Inside the red zone, Aaron Green scores from the 9 giving TCU back the lead with 2:58 left in the 3rd, 40-35. TCU has run 82 plays with still time left in the 3rd. Tech's defense starting show some signs of becoming winded. Texas Tech's inability to get off the field on 3rd down, especially 3rd and long, is starting to burn them.

Tech starts their drive on their own 21 and is starting to lean on DeAndre Washington. After a replay reversed fumble, Tech faces a 3rd and 8 and hits Lauderdale for a first down as he adjusts over a defender to make an incredible catch. Tech's drive stalls and Tech is forced into a long field goal attempt. Hatfield puts it through and Tech cuts the lead to 40-38 with 0:44 left in the 3rd. Tech wins the 3rd 10-7, but has trailed at every stoppage so far in the game.

End of 3rd Qtr: Texas Tech 38.... TCU 40

4th Quarter:

TCU opens the 4th facing a 2nd and 22, as the Tech fan base hopes that Tech can get a stop on at least one of these long down and distance situations. After an overthrow, a huge hold on 3rd and 22 for the Tech's defense, forces TCU to punt. Texas Tech takes over on their 14 yard line. On a pump fake bubble screen, Mahomes find Grant deep and gets into TCU territory to the 40 yard line. TCU holds on a 3rd and 5 and Texas Tech faces a 4th and 2. Mahomes shows guts and takes a running lane and gets across the 1st down marker. TCU is shooting themselves in the foot with penalties and keeps letting Tech hang around.  Another big conversion for Mahomes who breaks two tackles and spins for a first down. DeAndre Washington scores his 4th rushing TD of the day on the next play. Tech leads 45-40.

TCU starts the next drive on their 21 with 10:43 left in the game. Tech is starting to look really exhausted and arm tackles let TCU get down inside 30. TCU runs through the Tech D and gets TCU the lead. TCU goes for 2 and converts to give TCU a 48-45 lead with 8:22 left.

Texas Tech converts on a big 3rd and 7 to keep the drive alive and again on another 3rd an 6, a hobbled Mahomes runs for the first down. On 2nd down, Mahomes moves the pocket to the right, throws back to Justin Stockton, who makes a guy miss and takes it to the house giving Tech the lead again, 52-48 with 5:55 left in the game.

TCU has a great kickoff return and starts their drive near midfield. Tech needing a stop holds on 3rd and 8! The Jones erupts and TCU is forced to punt. Tech takes over with 4:44 left. Tech runs with Washington who is having a career day. Tech looks to take a little time off the clock as they face another 3rd down with 4 yards to gain. TCU forces a 3 and out and gives TCU the ball back near midfield.

With 1:23 left, TCU gets inside the 10 with a strike to Doctson. TCU gets down to the 4 yard line and Tech calls a timeout with 1:05 left. Tech will use another timeout as the defense holds with 0:54 seconds remaining. Tech holds on a speed option and faces 4th and goal from the 5. TCU winds the clock down for a do or die play.

Wiht 0:29 seconds to go, 4th and goal, and TCU converts on a tipped ball. TCU leads 55-52. Texas Tech will have 0:23 seconds to go to manufacture a score.

Tech is unable to move the ball under the prevent defense and TCU prevails.

FINAL: Texas Tech 52.... TCU 55

Game Notes:

11 lead changes

TCU out gains Texas Tech 750-607

Texas Tech had 3 penalties for 32 yards

TCU had 10 penalties for 110

DeAndre Washington had 188 yards rushing and 4 TD's.

Patrick Mahomes throws for 392 yards and 2 TD's

Boykin throws for 485 and 4 TD's

Prediction vs. Reality

My Prediction: Texas Tech 63 - TCU 28

I thought Tech would have one of their dominant wins, but too many missed opportunities to put TCU away and poor clock management late allowed to TCU to escape Lubbock with a win.

My prediction summary:

82. TCU hasn't let Tech forget, not that they needed any help in doing so. This is one of the many rematches that has been driving the Red Raiders this off-season. Coming home to a rowdy crowd off a big win... no let down here. Tech wins and wins in shocking fashion. For reference see, Tech v. Nebraska 2005 and Tech v. OU 2009. Tech is ranked for the first time this season... Kingsbury tells his team to "calm down, we've seen this before. Don't get ahead of yourselves."

You can find my full season predictions here.

Postgame Press Conference Video:

Next Week: vs. Baylor at AT&T Stadium, Dallas, 2:30 pm kickoff.

As always, tell us what you thought of the game. The good and the bad and what needs to happen going into next week against Baylor. You can send questions for the mailbag to me on twitter @avcoachsmith or in the comments below, titled Mailbag.