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Texas Tech Defensive Grades: Week 4

We take a look at how the Defense did against #3 TCU.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 ended in a thriller at the Jones. With 11 lead changes and over 1350 total offensive yards between the two teams. This game was one of the best college football games offensively I have ever seen. I have a feeling folks will be talking about this one for a long time to come. So let's take a look at how the Defense stacked up against a top 5 team.

Overall Grade: D

With giving up 750 yards most would give this group a F on this game but there was some bright spots from some of the defensive groups that kept it above an F this week. The numbers tell the tale usually but this week I think the rushing yards just don't. Tech's defense held them on the ground up until the 4th quarter. There was improvement on the run stop, but that has to last all four quarters not just three. Now to take a look at the individual groups.

DL Grade: C-

If I was able to grade this group at the end of the third this grade would have been much higher. This group has improved week to week. From getting pressure to stopping the run at the line and containing a mobile QB. I think this group is getting better even if the stats don't show it. As the year goes on I think we will see how much they're improving over last year.

LB Grade: C-

This group put out a great effort with Micah Awe leading in tackles for the team and Dakota Allen with a close second in tackles and one for a loss late in the game. This group stepped up in helping slow down the run for 3 quarters as well. It was just that last quarter they they really gave up some chunks here and there. Overall this group played well with some missed opportunities I'm sure they would like to have back.

DB Grade: F

This group tried to keep up with Josh Doctson but just couldn't contain him. He will definitely be playing on Sundays but besides Doctson this group really struggled to stop the pass. They did a decent job of stopping them after the catch and not letting them eat up big chunks of yards in that regard. Though the amount of passes fielded is what ate up those big chunks of yards. This group will continue to get better as this is a mostly young secondary but yesterday showed there is still a ways to go in the season.

For the defensive MVP it was a hard choice, but this week goes to.

Defensive MVP: Micah Awe