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Texas Tech's Pat Mahomes vs. TCU's Trevone Boykin

If the game rests of the quarterbacks' arms, who wins?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The expectation is Saturday's game will be a shootout which means the burden will rest on quarterbacks Pat Mahomes and Trevone Boykin so let's compare their stats through three games this season.

Here are the raw stats:

Here are their national ranks:

If their stats are any indication of how the game is going to turn out, prepare to wear gloves because it is going to be a nail biter.

Let's move to non-statistical categories that we can compare.

I think the first three are fairly self-explanatory. The game is in Lubbock and Boykin is a senior compare to Mahomes, the sophomore. I think both QBs are able to do really well when things break down, so I called that category a draw. For offensive weapons, I gave the edge to TCU because of Aaron Green. While I think the team's receiving corps are equal, I think Green is slightly better than Washington.  I think our offensive line is slightly better than theirs. I think TCU's defense is better than ours, but I think Pat has less pressure on him which is an advantage. Boykin has the pressure of TCU being ranked in the top 5 and being a contender for the Heisman according to media pundits.

This is just about everything I could think of and I still have no idea who to gets the edge. Before writing the article, I thought the information I would gather would push me to answer Mahomes or Boykin. That didn't happen. I really do think it is a tossup which says a lot about Mahomes since he is a true sophomore  going up against a top 5 opponent and Heisman candidate.