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Red Raiders in the Pros - Week 3

After an eventful Saturday game for Tech fans, the professionals went into action on Sunday. Also, as the MLB regular season comes to a close, we look at what Tech players were able to on the diamond this summer.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports


Michael Crabtree - WR, Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are slowly becoming an offensive threat in the league, and maybe even playing like their long lost cousins of the Red variety in Lubbock. Even though they've allowed 86 points against them, good for 4th worst in the league, they are 2-1, and sit in 2nd place in the AFC West. Although Crabtree wasn't part of their main assault this week, with only 36 yards on 4 catches, 4th on the team in receiving, but he had the 2nd most targets with 9, you can expect to see him stack up the yards this year.

Danny Amendola - WR, New England Patriots

Danny's stat sheet wasn't that impressive at first glance, with 5 receptions for 39 yards and a touchdown. However, he did catch the ball every time he was targeted, and the touchdown caused a little stir in the media. With the score, Brady joined the exclusive 400 TD club, just the 4th member of the club. After scoring Danny went and like a good Texas boy gave the ball to a fan. That's right, instead of keeping the record setting ball, or giving it back to his quarterback, Danny just gave it away. It was later taken away from the fan and given back to Brady. After the game, Brady said "I don't care. Danny can do whatever he wants". We'll see if his targets go down the next time they take the field, in 2 weeks against Dallas.


Of the 6 Red Raiders currently the in the big league, 5 are pitchers. Nathan Karns, who plays for the Rays, had an interesting game in July. Shortly after I wrote an article about how MLB pitchers just can't hit, he hit a home run and Tampa won the game 1-0. This was just the 6th time that an AL pitcher hit a home run in a 1-0 game and the first time since 1962. Hey, if you aren't getting any run support, go give yourself some. Josh Tomlin, of the Cleveland Indians, went to high school in Whitehouse, TX. I think there's another athlete currently in Lubbock from Whitehouse....

Chad Bettis 19 19 109.0 114 54 53 8 5 4.38
Daniel Coulombe 11 0 14.1 15 9 9 0 0 5.65
Nathan Karns 27 26 147.0 132 62 60 7 5 3.67
A.J. Ramos 69 0 68.1 43 18 18 2 4 2.37
Josh Tomlin 9 9 59.1 42 20 20 6 2 3.03