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Texas Tech Recruiting Roundup: Why do recruits decommit?

A few days ago 3-star tight end Donte Coleman decommitted from the Red Raiders. So, why do recruits decommit?

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week 3-star tight end Donte Coleman decommitted from the Red Raiders. This is starting to become a normal occurrence now for the Red Raiders. Last year Jarrett Stidham decommitted at the 11th hour and signed with Baylor leaving the Red Raiders high and dry. In the 2016 class Texas Tech has now had 3 players decommit. First there was 4-star QB/ATH Tristen Wallace, followed by 3-star S Collin Wilder and now Coleman. Wallace committed to Ohio State, Wilder is committed to Houston, and Coleman is now looking at other schools. When things like this happen, the first thing I ask myself is why? Why do recruits commit to only later decommit?

Recruits get caught up in the moment

Some recruits act first without thinking it through. This was the case with Collin Wider. A recruit gets his first offer or Power 5 offer and they commit without thoroughly thinking it through. They're too caught up in the "now" and commit right away. Once they've done this and start to receive other offers they start to think about what is best for them and what they want in a college team.

Coaches and parents don't educate the players of the recruiting process

It's not always the recruits fault. Sometimes they don't have the proper guidance in the recruiting process. It's on the coaches and parents to talk things out with recruits and see what they're looking for. If a recruit isn't properly educated about the process then they could make one decision and start to regret it down the road and switch schools.

Playing time and position opportunity

Depending on the program the playing time will for sure differ. Program "A" can be a conference contender year in and year out and the recruit may not get any playing time until his junior year and it could be in a rotational role. Whereas program "B" could be a mediocre team and later offer that same recruit immediate playing time. Another reason is position opportunity. This is where you might have a two-way player or a QB/ATH. If someone is a safety/running back and they've committed to a school as a safety but really want to play offense and another program offers them as a RB you can see the conflict there. With Tristen Wallace, Texas Tech had offered him as an athlete but he really wanted the chance to play quarterback and Ohio State is going to do that for him.

Sincere change of heart

A lot of times recruits will say that after speaking with their family and friends they've found it best to reopen their recruiting process but they may not truly mean it and have underlying reasons. I do believe that some recruits legitimately have a sit down and think of what's best for them though.

New coaching staff

One coaching staff can have a handful of recruits fit for their style and scheme but that coaching staff could up and leave at the end of the year. When a new staff comes in those recruits may now no longer fit the program's scheme and that's when you could see a recruit decommit and go elsewhere.

A team's performance

This one is pretty simple. A recruit will commit before the season starts and the team goes out and has a sub .500 season. A lot of recruits want to win now and not suffer through growing pains. But if a player wants to be the foundation of a new beginning they will stick to their commitment.

2016 Football Commits

Da'Leon Ward: Running Back, Skyline High School (Dallas, TX)

Emoree Giddens: Offensive Line, Coronado High School (Lubbock, TX)

Gio Pancotti: Offensive Line, Episcopal High School (Bellaire, TX)

Neiman Armstrong: Cornerback, DeSoto High School (DeSoto, TX)

Antoine Cox-Wesley: Wide Receiver, Steele High School (Cibolo, TX)

Jett Duffey: Dual-Threat Quarterback, Lake Ridge High School (Mansfield, TX)

Bryson Denley: Athlete (RB, WR), Steele High School (Cibolo, TX)

DeQuan Bowman: Wide Receiver, Hutchinson CC (Hutchinson, KS)

Derrick Willies: Wide Receiver, Trinity Valley CC (Athens, TX)

Mychealon Thomas: Defensive Tackle, Butler CC (El Dorado, KS)

Brayden Stringer: Linebacker, Cypress Ranch High School (Cypress, TX)

Ivory Jackson: Defensive Tackle, Amarillo High School (Amarillo, TX)

T.J. Vasher: Wide Receiver, Rider High School (Wichita Falls, TX)

DaMarcus Fields: Cornerback, Taylor High School (Taylor, TX)

Johnathan Picone: Linebacker, Mandeville High School (Mandeville, LA)

Houston Miller: Defensive End, Keller High School (Keller, TX)

Noah Jones: Defensive End, Southmoore High School (Moore, OK)

Jordyn Brooks: Linebacker, Stratford High School (Houston, TX)

Nick McCann: Defensive Tackle, Arkansas High School (Texarkana, AR)

Austin Deshay: Defensive End, Hendrickson High School (Pflugerville, TX)

Travis Bruffy: Offensive Tackle, Ridge Point High School (Missouri City, TX)

Zach Adams: Offensive Tackle, Riverbend High School (Fredericksburg, VA)

Clarence Henderson: Defensive End, Skyline High School (Dallas, TX)

Joe Wallace: Defensive Tackle, Skyline High School (Dallas, TX)