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Texas Tech Recruiting Roundup: Jett Duffey at the Elite 11 & The Opening

This week I take another look at Jett Duffey and what he's done so far at the Elite 11 & The Opening.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Jett Duffey has been in Beaverton, Oregon this week competing in the Elite 11 competition which brings in the top 18 quarterbacks who have made it through countless regional and semi-final competitions thus far. Jett arrived Sunday and quickly got to work. Below is Jett's profile video from StudentSports which runs the Elite 11 and The Opening.

The start of camp had nothing to do with football, it was more or less improving your mental toughness and teamwork. The quarterbacks trained with military leaders and did an array of different challenges. I tuned into Periscope and watched one particular challenge where they had to construct a Lego airplane then run down the field down and back doing burpees and when they got back to the start they had to construct the plane from memory or could take a 5 minute penalty to get the instructions. While Jett and his teammate didn't win this competition, it did help build teamwork and was a good tool to teach the QBs to think on their toes. Along with the Lego airplane challenge they did your typical military drills where no one is left behind.

Day 1 then saw the quarterbacks doing several passing drills and participating in 7 on 7 style of play.

Also, Brian Holland of KAMC actually spoke with ESPN's Tom Luginbill the other day about what Jett brings to the table at the Elite 11 and Texas Tech. Below is what Luginbill had to say.

The first few days of the Elite 11 were basically practice and honing their mechanics for the quarterbacks. They were still being evaluated but a lot of the throws were against air or during 7 on 7 against defenders who weren't participating in The Opening. Yesterday The Opening participants SPARQ tested. Jett checked in at 5'11.5", 176 pounds and ran the 40 in 4.64. Ideally, it would be nice to see him put on about 15 more pounds and could possibly get to 6'0" but that's not a biggie. So far Jett hasn't cracked the top 11 in the daily rankings but it's fair game heading into today and tomorrow. This is when the team portion starts and the most elite players in the nation will be competing in 7 on 7 style of play. Jett is on team Alpha Pro along with two other quarterbacks. I'm not sure how they divide up the snaps but Jett will get his fair share. You can tune in tonight and tomorrow on ESPNU to see Jett on national TV.

TV Schedule to catch Jett Duffey

Thursday 7/9, ESPNU, 7PM - 10PM

Friday 7/10, ESPNU, 7PM - 10PM