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Texas Tech's 2015 Nightmare Season

Could it actually get worse for the Red Raiders before it gets better?

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The 2014 season was an extremely tough season to sit through for Red Raider fans. Most of us saw it as the bottom and this football team would start to turnaround it soon, but is that the truth? Could 2015 possibly be worse? I reviewed what a dream season would look like last week. This week, I look at the possibility of things getting worse. Similar to the dream scenario season article, I will keep my nightmare scenario realistic. Yes, we could go 0-12 which would be the ultimate nightmare season, but I don't think it is very likely just I like I don't think a 14-0 national championship season is possible.

Sam Houston State:

Coming off of a 4-8 season with too many lows and no highs, this team hits a new low and loses to Sam Houston State. Jared Johnson, the dual threat quarterback of the Bearkats, gives us nightmares like so many dual threat quarterbacks have in the past. Our hope of David Gibbs' defense helping lift us to a bounce back season is quickly diminished as the Bearkat offense marches up and down the field relentlessly. Our offense puts up decent numbers, but ultimately chasing the lead becomes too much and the Bearkats pull out the victory late in the game.  Yes, some may scoff the the idea of losing to an FCS program at home but this is the #2 ranked team in FCS headed into the season and UCA gave us all we could handle last season at The Jones. Record 0-1


The Red Raiders pick themselves up and dust the West Texas dirt off themselves as the Miners head to town. Mahomes leads the charge and we put up just enough defense to keep the Miners in check, pulling out a hard fought 10-point win. After the victory, we feel like maybe we have a chance to piece together enough wins to get into a bowl game if we play our cards right and get a little help along the way. Record 1-1


And boom goes the dynamite.....The Hogs work us over like speed bag. Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams, the Hogs' running backs, see nothing but daylight for four quarters and our offense sputters. "Woooo Pig Sooie" is still ringing in the players's ears as they get back to Lubbock and the reality of yet another long season sets in on Red Raider nation. Record 1-2


While we put up a better fight than the 2014 season, Trevone Boykin stamps his Heisman campaign all over the Red Raiders' helmets as he accounts for all 8 touchdowns in a 21-point win for the Frogs. Our offense still hasn't found its bearings, leaving Coach Kingsbury to name Webb the starter for next week's game against Baylor. Record 1-3


The tides turn......worse. For the second week in a row ESPN is rallying for our opponent's quarterback to be named the Heisman frontrunner as Seth Russell throws for a Big 12 record 691 yards against us. We barely muster a fight and are left searching for answers. There are none and the only goal left is to not finish the season dead last in the Big 12. Record 1-4

Iowa State:

Yes it has been a tough season up to this point, but DeAndre Washington and Justin Stockton set the tone early for the Red Raiders. They combine for 250 yards rushing and four scores as the Red Raiders cruise past the Cyclones in the second half. Gibbs' defense finally deliver on the prognosticators' predictions by picking off the Cyclone quarterback, Sam Richardson, three times. Record 2-4


Every Big 12 team's favorite punching bag takes our best shot and goes down. The Kansas Jayhawks have as little to offer the Red Raiders as Bernie Maydoff does his victims. The Red Raider offense looks reminiscent of past Air Raid teams, piling up yards and scores faster than scoreboard operators can tally them. It would be glorious sight against most other teams. This victory puts us on a 2-game win streak. Unfortunately that is the best it will get this season. Record 3-4


The Mayfield express runs over the Red Raiders early and often. Stoops mixes in a little Samaje Perine along the way and bang the game is virtually over before halftime arrives. When it finally does, Coach Kingsbury hands the keys to the offense to Nic Shimonek. Things improve for a short time as Shimonek leads the Tech offense to their only touchdown of the game in the first series of the second half. We don't pass midfield for the rest of the game. The only bright spot on the day was Boomer Sooner was not played one time during the entire game as the entire Oklahoma band was unable to attend the game due to an unknown but non-life threatening illness. Record 3-5

Oklahoma State

Shimonek , the newly name starter, looks serviceable and the Red Raiders play the Cowboys close, although a victory never really felt possible. On the last drive of the game, Shimonek throws a pick that seals the game for the Cowboys. Red Raiders lose another. Record 3-6

West Virginia

The Mountaineer fans actually start setting couches ablaze prior to the game knowing a victory over the Red Raiders is certain. We don't do much to have them scrambling for the fire extinguishers as the Mountaineer defense keeps us in check most of the game. While their offense doesn't dazzle anyone, they do just enough to be able to coast through the 4th quarter with mostly backups playing. Another loss for the Red Raiders and they are getting easy to swallow at this point. Record 3-7

Kansas State

Bill Snyder pulls his best Bill Snyder impression on us and turns the game into an ugly affair by controlling the clock and playing smothering defense. Our offense has no rhythm. Our defense is one step behind their offense. Luckily there is only one more game left on the schedule after yet another defeat. Record 3-8


Tyrone Swoopes finally figured things out midseason and shades of Vince Young grace the field in Austin on a cold Thanksgiving night. Like several other games this season, even calling it a game is doing it a disservice. Jonathan Gray ends his career at Texas on a high note setting his personal best rushing yards in a single game. The season finally comes to an merciful end in a fashion that even Old Yeller wouldn't be jealous of. Record 3-9

Is this type of season possible? Yes. Do I think it will? No. If that record was laid at my feet, I would bet everything I own against, although stranger things have happened. Now enough with this article, optimism flows much deeper in the offseason. Let's keep it that way.