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Tailgating Essentials: The Food

Talkin' about our favorite tailgate foods

Jonathan Althaus:

Nothing says fall in Texas like college football and tailgating. And nothing says the beginning of fall like dove hunting on Labor Day weekend. While a single dove doesn't yield much meat, a full weekend of hunting will give you enough dove to make your tailgating experience quite tasty.

Half a piece of cheese per dove breast
1 slice of uncooked bacon per dove breast

Salt and pepper to season (optional)

1 toothpick per popper
1. After cleaning the bird, filet each breast off the sternum. You may season the meat lightly.
2. Take a half slice of your favorite type of cheese and wrap it around the breast. Pepper jack is an excellent choice.
3. Wrap a slice of uncooked bacon around the cheese and pin it together with a toothpick.
4. The above steps can be done prior to the event, but no more than 24 hours.
5. Place the dove on a grill and grill each side 3-4 minutes
6. Pop in mouth, but remove the toothpick first.

Drew Borsellino:
One of my favorite tailgate foods is some delicious BBQ and what better way of doing so than roasting a whole pig? My friends and I have done this on multiple occasions and made sure we did it last year for the Arkansas game. Sure, you could just grill some food on a grill and cook up a rack of ribs but let's face it, this is a way cooler way to do it. The video below is pretty similar to the way we do it. We actually just dig a hole in the ground and make a grill out of rebar but the way they do it in the video might be a little better.

Hunter Cooke:
I'm a huge fan of cheese brats. Don't know why, always have been. They're cheap, they cook quick, and it's really hard to screw them up. Seriously if you can't cook a hot dog you should never be allowed to use heavy machinery. Regardless, they're great lunchtime eats that require almost zero effort and zero cash. Anything that I can do to be lazier and cheaper without sacrificing quality i'm going to do.