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Texas Tech Visual History Lesson: Darvin Ham Slam

The visual companion piece to the Darvin Ham Slam history lesson.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

This week the history lesson was on the Darvin Ham slam dunk. Today I have gathered a couple of videos for the good readers of Viva The Matadors.

Again, due to copyright reasons we cannot publish an image of the Sports Illustrated cover. However, you can either do a Google search of your own, or go to Darvin's Wikipedia page to view the cover.

Here is the footage from when it initially happened. Outside of the actual dunk itself, my favorite part is the dazed look that the Tar Heels and referees have on their faces after the dunk.

Nothing like some good natured ribbing! Almost 20 years after the dunk it is fun to see Darvin having fun at Antawn's lack of defense of the play.

It's no secret that Tech basketball has been tough to watch recently. At least we have a great moment like this to fondly look back upon! For a moment in the 1996 NCAA Tournament the country's eyes were squarely focused upon the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Here's to hoping that in the near future the nation's attention will be on the Tech basketball team in the Tournament again. However, I bet the Tournament officials are hoping a Red Raider does not have to break another backboard to garner that attention...