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Fursday Funnies: 1/29/2015

Iowa State can't forget the lost, An ESPN writer makes a big mistake, Soso Jamabo narrows it down to two and another bad lip reading (featuring lots of Cowboys)

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State Will Always Remember

Wasn't Saturday's game just awesome? Well, maybe for Texas Tech fans it was. With that loss, Iowa State fell a game behind the always dangerous Kansas Jayhawks and are on the outside looking in. Many Iowa State fans were upset about the game because the fact they lost the "worst"  team in the Conference and that the refs "robbed" them (whatever dude). However, the Iowa State Basketball twitter page wouldn't let Cyclone fans forget about the loss. They had a little typo when showing the stats, showing "Texas Tech"s" stats instead of Texas' stats.

If you look at the comments to the tweet (you can look at it here), many Iowa State fans were quick to point this out. Way to stick to your fan base Cyclones!

Tennessee Commit Trolls So Hard

Preston Williams is one of the Top WRs in the nation. He a 5-star WR according to 247sports, and a 4-star WR according to Rivals and ESPN, He committed to Tennessee back in September of 2013 and has been a commit ever since. Well, last weekend, he decided to take an official visit to Auburn (despite being committed) to check out what they had to offer. Or what Tennessee had to offer the Auburn commits.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Tennessee commit goes on recruiting trip to Auburn, gets sent home for trying to recruit others to Tennessee. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Sporting News (@sportingnews) <a href="">January 27, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Go to a Rival school and recruit their visitors to come to your school? Talk about a guy trolling a program. He also was wearing a bunch of Tennessee gear while on the visit. Obviously, the Auburn staff wasn't very happy, so they ended his official visit and asked him to leave. He says he just left early, but who knows the real story. My money's on the school, who also said that he smoked pot while on campus (who knows if this is true). Don't schedule trolls to official visits next time.

Soso Jamabo Names His Top 2...and It's Not Who You Think It Is

It's that time of year again, when big time recruits start announcing their Top schools and start announcing. Well, Soso Jamabo was on TV this past week with his basketball team, and while they were talking about the season, the reporter asked Soso where he would be going to college. Then Soso gave the best answer ever.

So it appears that Texas, UCLA and Norte Dame are out and it's down to University of Phoenix and ITT Technical Institute.

Yet Another Bad Lip Reading

I told y'all there would be another one. I think you guys will appreciate this one more. This is because there are a lot of Cowboys featured in this addition, including Dez, Romo and Garrett. If you can't stand the 'Boys and like the Texans instead, your savior JJ Watt is featured too (along with Case Keenum and Bill O'Brien). This new addition of Bad Lip Reading features Terrence Williams' Legos, Dez Bryant's Funyuns, the always funny Harbaughs and Cam Newton hiding from a girl. I think this one may the best one yet.

"I once got a rake...AND I KILLED A SNOWMAN!!!"