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Fursday Funnies: 1/1/2015

In a new offseason segment, I look a funny pictures, videos and articles in the sports sphere. Still no switchblades though

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

This offseason, I'm going to start posting funny pictures, videos and articles in the sports sphere. I'll release about 3-4 every week up until we can start talking about football once again. I already have a bunch of pictures and videos lined up that will brighten up your long work week. Let's start out with Eric Stephens, Kyler Murray, Florida (Not State) and Highlights of a Benchwarmer.

Eric Stephens Jr. Played Cornerback for Texas Tech

Eric Stephens was a great player for Texas Tech. He racked up 2,524 total yards in his 4 year career and was Tech's lead back during the Tuberville era. However, did you know he also played cornerback at Texas Tech. Don't believe me? I have proof right here. In the Texas Tech game against West Virginia in 2012. You can clearly see below that Eric Stephens indeed played on the defensive side of the football.

I know that the jersey on the TV says "Jones", but Texas Tech has messed up jerseys before, so chances are they messed up this one here.

This type of error in unacceptable and I expect whoever is in charge of putting the names on the jersey to get fired. End of Discussion

Kyler Murray Needs to Work on His Height

I was watching the Under Armor All American Practice, seeing how Breiden Fehoko and another top recruits in the country preformed. They were talking about the strength and weakness of certain players, one of which was 5-star DT QB Kyler Murray. Apparently Kyler Murray needs to work on two things; Strength and.....Height? I'm not expert, but I'm not sure how you can improve your height. If there is a method, I need to know it now. Being 5'6" isn't exactly my dream height.I've gotten a lot of HGH suggestions, but I don't think that's safe and completely legal in college football. I may be wrong though. Anyway, I don't really know what ESPN was thinking here. And good luck to Kyler Murray on improving his height. I don't know how you're going to do it, but I'm sure you'll find a way to get it done.

Florida Player Forgets There Is No State on His Jersey

It's one thing to tip the ball in your own basket. It's another thing to do it on a game winning bucket against your in-state Rival. Florida State was tied with Florida with 3 seconds to go in the contest. The Seminoles had the ball on the sideline. He threw the ball in to his player in the corner who heaved up a 3. The ball was a little bit short, but don't know worry Florida State fans, Jacob Kurtz is there to save you. He goes up for the rebound, and the ball tips off his hand into the bucket. The game clock expired and the Seminoles walked away with a 65-63 victory. Technically. Have to feel for Kurtz, but you can't really mess up more than this when it comes to basketball.

Jack Lenihan Releases His High School Highlights

As you all know, I'm the recruiting writer for VTM. So being the recruiting writer, I look at plenty of film from current and future recruits that Tech is going after. When I'm looking at film, I use this site called Hudl, where many athletes (especially Football players) upload their highlights from their junior and senior. It's the best site around when trying to look at a recruit's highlights. Well just a few weeks ago, a football player from Illinois decided to release his highlight film. The only problem; he doesn't play. A benchwarmer decided to release his highlight tape and it took the internet by storm, The film on Hudl has already generated over 1 million views. In comparison, Leonard Fournette (#1 recruit in the 2014 class) had 40,000 views. That's a lot of view. So in MikeTTU fashion, let's analize his film

What I like about Jack Lenihan is his ability to stay still during the play. He doesn't move around and distract his fellow players, he stays put and let's the players do their job. He was in for one play, but dropped the ball. That shows me that he doesn't need a job in which he is required to catch. So ball boy is out of the picture. There is also one point in the film where he is cheering after a 1st down, so he could be a cheerleader. But then again, he can't catch, so he would just drop the cheerleader and she would bust her head open. I see Jack as a water boy at the next level, with his ability to stand still and wait. He has the patience to wait for the players to finish up their water and it doesn't require him to catch anything. He doesn't want any D-2 offer (as evident at the end of the video), so Texas Tech has a good chance to grab him.

That's all I have this week. Prepare to lose your marbles next week.