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Friday Morning Links on VTM | Moore Under the Microscope; Campbell Not Quitting

Gary Moore is working his way into the mix of receivers. Newest commit Demetrius Campbell talks about not giving up. Finley Ewing is a scholar All-American.

The Swans and Eagles warm up before the round 17 AFL match between the West Coast Eagles and the Sydney Swans at Patersons Stadium on July 21, 2013 in Perth, Australia.
The Swans and Eagles warm up before the round 17 AFL match between the West Coast Eagles and the Sydney Swans at Patersons Stadium on July 21, 2013 in Perth, Australia.
Paul Kane

1. Moore Under the Microscope | The LAJ looks at where and what WR Gary Moore can be, initially thought as a guy that could play on either side of the ball, seems to be settling in offensive at Eric Ward's position. This is encouraging:

"Dude’s a freak," one Tech coach told me recently. Around the Tech football building, you also hear him called "Megatron," a reference to All-Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson from the Detroit Lions, another 6-5 wideout.

And Ward talks about Moore and he has a point:

"He can definitely take some learning in his route running, because he’s a freshman," Ward said. "It took me a while to run routes, too, straight out of high school. (But) do you see any 6-6 corners out there? He’s a big guy. I just think if we get his route running down, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with."

Temper expectations, but there's a lot of great incoming receiving talent.

Viva The Matadors

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2. Campbell and Not Quitting | The DMN has a bit more from newest 2013 commit Demetrius Campbell and he says that talking with Co-DC Matt Wallerstedt was instrumental in helping him choose Texas Tech and Campbell almost gave up on the process:

"At times I wanted to quit, come back to Florida and just get a job, but every time I wanted to give up, something came along that made me want to keep going. I kept working out in the hopes that something would come up.

"This whole time I said I was going to play Division I football, but in reality the odds were stacked against me. This will keep me humble and remind me of where I came from. A lot of these freshmen and five-star recruits had the red carpet rolled out for them. They were always told they could make it. A guy like me, I came from a humbling experience. I got this opportunity and I’m going to grab it by the horns and run with it."

3. Ewing is All-American Scholar | Congrats to Finley Ewing, IV for being named as a 2013 Cleveland Golf/Srixon All-America Scholar for Division I as announced by the Golf Coaches Association of America. Congrats!

4. Unknown Creature Found in Belarus | Yep, this is apparently a real thing.

5. Kingsbury and Fitzgerald | Lost Letterman has a short post about how Kliff Kingsbury is on a similar path as Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald. I remembered writing something this before Kingsbury was hired as to why Kingsbury should be hired. I am also reminded by the number of comments during that coaching search in that Story Stream: 539, 210, 672, 241, 176, 787, 1071, 54, 822, 555 and 178. Go relive some of those posts for some good times.

6. Kolton Houston Granted Eligibility | This is the story of a Georgia football player who was given steroids by a doctor during high school, the steroids got caught in a fat pocket and Houston went to such great lengths to take care of this issue, including having surgery to remove this fat pocket. Apparently this is not a really safe surgery to have. Houston was finally granted eligibility by the NCAA after sitting out for two years. Guns up to the young man for sticking with it.

7. Keeping Pace | The LAJ has a bit on how and if the officiating crews can keep pace with the offenses. There's some other stuff about how Kingsbury knows that the defenses are going to give up yards.

8. List of Sports Networks | This is interesting, SB Nation has a list of the cable sports networks.

9. Bylaw Blog Opines on Conference Realignment | The Bylaw Blog has an interesting bit on the Power 5 football conferences taking on with them the five best non-football conference with them. This makes a lot of sense. Someone tell me how this is incorrect.

10. Karam is a Good Dude | I posted some of this yesterday, but there is no reason why we shouldn't post it again, as former Red Raider QB Jacob Karam and current Memphis quarterback is interviewed by CBS Sports about his incredible gifts on and off the field.

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