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Cotton Club Crew Interview Special: Justin Hiles of Viva La Cats

Our last chat with the experts on the newbies.

Justin from Viva La Cats (follow them on twitter @VivaLaCatspod) to close our Big 12 newbies series!

We chat the Luke Fickell of it all, and how that impacted expectations. We chat about the complete reset offensively, and the steady and talented defense. Then we chat schedules, both the existing nonconference slate and the first jump into the Big 12. With perhaps the easiest schedule in the conference, can Cincinnati take advantage and make a quick statement?

We also chat about some of the non-onfield specific details. We chat the NIL situation, tailgating at Cinci, and what venues and games are the most looked forward to. Unfortunately, Tech will not see the Cats but still, a great chat about what to expect when (assuming when) Tech makes that trek.

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed getting to know these four new comers. Who of the four will rise to the top? We are slowly creeping closer to finding out.