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Kliff Kingsbury in Texas Monthly

A lengthy interview with Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury in Texas Monthly.


Texas Monthly's Jason Cohen has a very lengthy interview with Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury. I don't have time to break this down so please feel free to post your favorite quote in the comments. And yes, Kingsbury is asked about Johnny Manziel and I don't care. Kingsbury's success at Texas A&M and coaching a Heisman winning quarterback does nothing but good things for Texas Tech, Kingsbury and potential recruits. You gotta trust me on this.

JC: Anything else about yourself as a coach that you can specifically trace back to your dad, or Leach, or Sumlin?

KK: You know, a little bit from each. I think Coach Leach, the thing I got from him was the extreme confidence in his offense. I mean, he’d tell us, "Hey, I don’t care if they know what play is coming. If we execute the way I’ve taught you, I promise you, they won’t be able to stop it." And that’s something that’s always stuck with me.

My dad, like I said, the discipline and the work ethic and the time he put in and what he expected of his players.

And then Coach Sumlin, just the amount of respect that all his players and all his coaches have for him to a man. That’s why he gets the most out of them, because they play their hearts out for him, and they coach their hearts out for him, each and every day.

Oh, and the picture of Kingsbury is so dreamy.