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BREAKING: The Buffalo comes home

Colorado’s much anticipated move to the Big 12 may finally be here.

An emergency solo podcast of the Cotton Club Crew for you all! What could the topic possibly be?

Oh of course, realignment is back with a vengeance. This time the rumors are flying, and being reported by the big kids, that Colorado will seek admittance back to the Big 12 starting 2024.

The story is that they will receive a full share immediately, which had to be enticing considering the total lack of a Pac 12 deal.

Macon talks about this move, what could be next, and what this means for the conference. Can Yormark continue to keep the pressure on the PAC and throw one last punch to knock them out? Could we see him target the more basketball orientated names linked to the conference?

Whatever the case may be, what a crazy day and I hope you take the brief time to listen and let us know your thoughts on the move!