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DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-09-29

Totally Texas Tech: New TTU Campus Pictures - 9/28/2011
New pictures!

Spotlight On… Texas Tech Coach Billy Gillispie - Big 12 Hoops
Big 12 Hoops asks if BCG can turn it around at Texas Tech.

Wide Right & Natty Lite - For Iowa St. Cyclones Fans
Clone Chronicles has gone away and now the SB Nation Iowa St. blog will be Wide Right & Natty Lite and yes, it's an awesome logo.

Big step for MU's conference future may come Tuesday -
I think this is the money quote:

"If it were just a matter of saying let’s go say goodbye Big 12 and join the SEC," one source told The Star, "if there was no litigation or a few dollars involved, it would be an easy choice.

"If it comes down to we’ve got to come up with 40 million bucks, or whatever the number might be, that’s a different deal."

I still don't blame Missouri for wanting to get the heck out of Dodge.

Big 12 needs to expand just to survive | College Sports | Sports News and Videos on the Dalla...
Apparently the idea that TCU is not a candidate is changing, especially if Missouri bolts.  Here's Burch:

That flexibility makes TCU and BYU, an independent in football, attractive plug-in candidates for a 2012 Big 12 football schedule that now is without A&M and soon could be minus Mizzou.

Because of its location, TCU also would be a logical long-term fit to replace A&M in the South Division -- with BYU and some Big East expatriates in the North -- if the Big 12 regains its 12-team configuration in the future, a move being pushed by Oklahoma President David Boren and other league officials.

Multiple league sources indicated Wednesday that a two-step expansion process is possible, even likely, with the league regaining its 10-team format for the 2012 football season and going beyond that number -- perhaps as high as 16, said Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard -- in 2013 or later.

If I'm Neinas, the first place I look for expansion candidates is the Big East, which has an undervalued TV deal that expires after the 2013 season. I'd strongly consider South Florida as well as Louisville, Cincinnati and West Virginia.

Football links are after the jump.

Jayhawks hope running game will be enough to dominate Raiders | Red Raiders
Duh.  Of course the Jayhawks will want to run the ball on one of the worst rush defenses in the country and head coach Tommy Tuberville agrees:

"I’m concerned about everybody’s running game," Tuberville said Wednesday. "We ain’t stopped anybody yet. ... They play four good running backs and they have a big offensive line. I’m sure they’re looking at the film and chomping their gums and can’t wait for us to get there."

Football notebook: Tuberville talks defense, Kansas, more - The Daily Toreador: Sports | Red Raiders Football Notebook: Tight end leaves | Red Raiders
Notebooks!  TE Tony Trahan left the team which leaves the team with just two tight ends on the roster.  That's fine, there's only a handful of snaps in each game.  As an example, in the New Mexico game, Texas Tech only had a tight end on 12 plays (P12 personnel on 7 plays and P21 personnel on 5 plays).  With the emergence of TE Jace Amaro, you hate to lose depth, but Trahan could never get on the field.  In other news, CB Tre' Porter, WS Cody Davis, DE Leon Mackey and RT Mickey Okafor will all be back this week:

"We want our guys to be in good shape," Tuberville said after Wednesday’s practice. "We’ve done some extra running this week. We do have a few guys that are still beat up a little bit. Hopefully, most everybody will be back that was injured last week in the game.

Big 12 Blitz: Tech QB Doege shows surprising elusiveness as a runner | College Sports | Sport...
A little bit of love in the FWST.

Kansas not haunted by 66-24 beating - The Daily Toreador: Sports
If you haven't looked at the box score from that game, it's spectacular.  There were 7 pass attempts by Georgia Tech and 604 yards rushing on 50 attempts for a 12.08 YPC average. 

Matchup Breakdown: Kansas vs. Texas Tech - Rock Chalk Talk
Make sure and check it out and as an aside, I'll be doing a Q&A with Rock Chalk Talk later this week.

Odds of defeating Texas Tech look slim | | Play of QB Jordan Webb complementing KU’s running game - | KU shuffle: Receivers find room in offense |
Catch up with the Jayhawks!