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Pumpjack mentality, meat-judging champion t-shirts are here

Our friends at BreakingT understood the assignment

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So much good news for Texas Tech fans these last few days.

Terrence Shannon Jr. is back.

The Red Raiders won their third consecutive meat judging championship.

We have the greatest kicker in the country, our football team is bowl eligible, and we have a head coach that bleeds Texas Tech who also just flipped a four-star recruit from Baylor.

Now, we’ve got some incredible designs from our friends at BreakingT celebrating all the goodness that is Red Raider athletics in 2021.

Check out the designs below:

We can’t be stopped.
If you know, you know.
Yell it louder for the media in the back, Coach McGuire!

These are all incredible designs and I particularly love the meat judging print - I’m definitely ordering one to make sure everyone knows we’re the Alabama of meat judging.

You can order these shirts and more at the BreakingT website.