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Red Raiders travel to Waco looking to play spoiler

Tech is looking to finish the season at 7-5

NCAA Football: Baylor at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech is traveling to Waco today with a chance to knock off the Baylor Bears. Baylor with a win has the chance to get into the Big 12 Championship.

Baylor is coming off a road win at Kansas State while Tech is coming off a blowout 23-0 at home to Oklahoma State.

Baylor comes in at 9-2 with losses to Oklahoma State and TCU. The loss to TCU shows that while they are an elite team, they are beatable.

Tech is sitting at 6-5 and an offense ready to prove something after a terrible loss at home. Sonny Cumbie is going to have to cook up a good one because last week was horrific. Donovan Smith is coming off an abysmal game, but that wasn’t as much his fault as it was the terrible offensive line and some questionable play calling.

A couple weeks ago, Tech was able to get Joey McGuire, Baylors former associate head coach, as their new head coach for next year. McGuire was obviously with Baylor most of this season so this game could have some more meaning for Tech but also Baylor. Look for it to be a fiery matchup with some exciting action.

Techs defense needs to step up and they will have a shot. The offense needs to take a huge step forward from last week and the play calling and offensive line have to be much better. This Tech team can win this game, they just need to execute.

Baylor, we’re coming.

Final Score Prediction: Tech 31, Baylor 27