it starts today.

football practice everywhere starts today. about two weeks until school starts everyone is going to summer practice for the remander of summer.

pray for me and my peers as smca looks to dominate tapps this year.

also this is something i've been thinking about for awhile.

i think the ncaa needs to step up and restrict text-messaging between coaches and recruits (it would be impossible to stop: just ask my parents) but it just seems kinda creepy that a 45 year old man would send a 17 year old a text message like "great game champ" or "yo da man." I am not good enough that coaches text me, but one of my best friends is. He says to me how it is "annoying" and that in the long run it makes that school seem less desirable.

what would show more interest from a school, 50 text messages or 2 letters and one information packet. Think about it, what you rather do with a girl, text her all day, or just go to the movies or something once.

I know none of yall really care but.

revolutions aren't that comfortable of helmets. The realy deal are the schutt DNA's. It literally feels like a baseball cap on my head.

I the age old question of "HOW MUCH DO YOU BENCH"
A new record was set at texas tech.

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