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Hub City Homers #37: The Big 12 Tournament might matter

Can Tech make a run to get a regional hosting spot?

Macon and Jack are back with another episode! The episode will start with a serious movement of our heartfelt condolences to the victims of the latest shooting right here in Texas. It didn’t feel right to just glaze past that without acknowledging how deeply sorry we are for those who have such a tragic loss to deal with.

After that, the show hits on the world of Tech sports with some rare golf talk on our show! Both the professional ranks and amateur ranks are covered, with the NCAA tournament starting this weekend.

Next, baseball is covered in depth starting with the failure to secure the Big 12 title to talking about the Big 12 tournament. The discussion closes with some predictions of this team’s ceiling. Can they get to Omaha even if the hosting spot is not secured? Tune in and find out!

And lastly, if you can, please donate blood this weekend. In the face of these tragedies the blood banks are always pushed hard, and even in good times they are stretched thin so if you can make a trip!

Wreck ‘Em.