WR Shake-Up: Looking Good

Just wanted to highlight some WR discussion since staff has shaken up the depth chart.

Where we stand:
X: LA Reed/ Ed Britton
Y: Amendola/ G. Walker/ A. Reese
H: Eric Morris/ Amendola/ James
Z: Crabtree/ T. Walker

I really like the adjustments here. 1st, I think Britton moving to X was precipitated more by Crabtree's impending greatness than by Easy Ed's vertical potential.  Britton needs to see the field a lot and wasn't going to as Crabtree's back-up. All reports say that Crabtree is truly special. Todd Walker on the other hand has been demoted to Z as MC's back-up.  He's been injured this spring, but needs to get better in general.

Over at X LA Reed brings a lot of Hicks's qualities, but has never been all that consistent and isn't the play-maker that Britton is.  I predict Britton plays more downs this season than Reed, but both will be good.

Amendola has been moved from H to Y.  This is an excellent move.  He'll be on the field more, knows this offense well, and will have a chance at a great senior season.  Our Y is always productive (Peters, Haverty, RoJo) but I take comfort in the fact that it will be DA instead of Grant Walker as the starter.  Grant will play plenty and do well, but moving DA here as the starter was a good decision.  Adrian Reese will play Y in short yardage and redzone situations with DA moving over to H when this happens.  Reese is a huge mismatch at 6'6 and I look forward to watching him over the next 3 years.

Another reason for moving Danny was so that Eric Morris could see the field.  He's shown something every opportunity given to him and I look forward to him getting a full audition in Danny's old spot.  I think the kid is clutch and I look forward to watching him play more.

This group will be better than last year's bunch IMO.  More athletic, more to prove, and a greater variety of skill sets for the offense to work with as opposed to 3 possession WR's in Hicks, RoJo, and Filani.

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