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Hub City Homers #72: Adversity

Time to rally the troops.

Boy, that was a hell of a weekend. And I mean that as negatively as I can. tech struggled on the baseball diamond, and the news of Mark Adams getting suspended rocked the athletics department.

What does this news mean in the short term for the program? What can Coach Williams get out of his team? And where does the program go next in the likely event of a coaching change? And in the middle of all this, what is Kirby doing running this department throughs scandal after scandal.

We got all things there covered.

Next, Jack recaps the effort in Houston. What went right, and more importantly what went wrong in a 1-2 weekend? The youth movement in the ballpark has to respond after some adversity against some good ball clubs.

Finally, Kendall talks the Big 12 tournament and more on Mark Adams. Can Tech find a way through the tournament to secure the critical bid to the Big Dance?