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Hub City Homers #71: The mailbag is here

I bet you can guess what sport got the most questions.

Welcome Chris to the Hub City Homers team! Chris will be handling our new weekly mailbag, and he killed it in this first one.

Of course one sport, and really one story, dominated this first mailbag. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know what sport I am talking about.

But questions also moved past the Mark Adams of it all to actually talk about the action on the hardwood. What rotation works best? How can Tech make a hell of a run to secure the automatic bid? Asked and answered here!

But, if you’re wondering about the track teams success you won’t want to miss that first question. A full update on the team’s results and individual performances of note!

This is our new concept as we ramp up to joining the Fans First Sports Network (@FansFirstSN on twitter). Chris will be joining future shows as well besides this mailbag, and you may even see a spinoff of his own soon. Hope you enjoy it, and see you next week!