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NEWS: Mark Adams suspended from duty

Red Raiders head to Missouri down a head coach, could a change be coming to the program?

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Adams has been suspending pending a formal inquiry into his relationships with players and staff following Texas Tech learning of an allegedly insensitive racial remark made to a player.

Mark Adams has formally apologized for the remark and has been reprimanded by Kirby Hocutt. The incident involved the use of a bible verse according to the head coach. Stadium also reported a spitting incident between Mark Adams and a player.

The university at this time has not provided more details on what was said pending the results of their investigation.

It appears likely that Mark Adams will soon be leaving Texas Tech. The duty of care coaches have is absolute, if players can no longer trust their coaches and if parents can’t trust the coach there is no path forward.

If Coach Adams cannot be trusted to be a leader of young men, then I say good riddance. Ultimately, Kirby Hocutt will have to determine what the standard is for this program and what the “investigation” turns up will determine if Coach Adams violated it.

What I want to know is, in a season full of rumors when did the higher-ups learn of the problems? Did players really hide all this till right now? Is something rotten in the State of Denmark?