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Hub City Homers Breaking News Special: Mark Adams suspended by Texas Tech

Well, it got worse.

Well, a bad regular season ended and was immediately followed up with more bad news. This has easily been the basketball season from hell, and Texas Tech still has more work to do on the hardwood.

Macon talks about what the hell happened, why is the suspension at the minimum warranted, his guy for the future of the program, and what to make of Kirby’s hiring woes.

This was not fun to record, it won’t be fun to listen to, and on a quiet Sunday suddenly things are hitting the fan.

For the future of this program, the next decisions made are absolutely critical. As fans and alums we just have to pray that the right ones are made. This program has come so far, has elite facilities, and a huge war chest. Whatever is decided next, it cannot be allowed to slide into the basement for long.