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Hub City Homers #70: No margin for error

The path to an at-large bid comes down to this week.

We are ramping up our podcasting schedule with the soon to be announced move to a new home. With that, the gang has discussed how to handle a more rigorous recording schedule with varied schedules and you know, real life. The solution? More solo episodes (among other soon to be announced changes to assist this goal)!

First up on this mission is Kendall. Following the devastating and heartbreaking last second loss to TCU, Kendall talks all things hoops. What went wrong against the Horned Frogs? What path forward remains with just two games left? Does Tech have to win the Big 12 tournament?

The path to an at-large bid will continue or come to an end tomorrow night in the Pho against a red-hot Kansas team who looks poised to make another National Title run. Can Tech play spoiled to the Jayhawks looking for a top overall seed and keep their hopes alive?