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CCC BREAKING NEWS: Grant McCasland to lead Red Raiders into the future

UNT has just won the NIT, and it is now official.

Grant McCasland is fresh off his NIT victory, as in it just happened like 20 minutes ago. News has already hit that Texas Tech will announce McCasland as their next head coach, with a reported 6 year, $18MM deal.

Grant McCasland has lead a UNT program out of the absolute sewer to a relevant, competitive program arguably deserving a potential NCAA bid this season.

Kendall takes a solo run, breaking down the hire. A big focus is on the fears over another glacial slow offense, why McCasland ran it, and what should we actually expect? He also talks the new head coach’s resume, what it means to actually win at UNT, and how can Tech capitalize on the momentum from the new coach.

The future is hear now for Texas Tech, and the new coach will have to quickly build his staff and start recruiting his current roster. Welcome to Lubbock Coach McCasland!